Monday, March 29, 2004

Arseholes 'r' us.

We are a nation that probably deserves every bad thing that happens to us. Economic recession? SARS? Invasion of Tekong by dumb@$$ bandits? The casino? All deserved. Singapore's basically a nation of pricks.

Yesterday, not one but two prime specimens of Singaporeus Idoticas managed to steal two lots from me despite the fact that I was waiting for them for like 20 minutes before either one of them even pulled into the carpark. The first one was an older couple that basically pretended that I wasn't there and didn't even look me in the eye when they left the car. I'm broadcasting now: Silver Nissan Sunny with the numbers 9424, if anyone actually sees this car, this would be licence to cut him off, steal his parking lot, run through a puddle as he's getting out of the car etc...Remember people, SILVER NISSAN SUNNY, License plate number: 9424 The second car was a black Toyota Corolla, but they had 3 kids so I think that it's punishment enough.
Meanwhile, that put me in a foul mood that I took out on other cars...a pathetic attempt at spreading my misery. My horn had a workout last night. I'm saddened really. I mean I thought that there would be some attempt at civility and simple courtesy. You see a car waiting, you let them have the lot if they came first. If they really wanted to be cutthroat about parking lots, then all bets are off. We don't scratch cars or smash in windshields because we respect other people's property and that comes from civility. But if civility is to be ignored...well there's always savagery. Life's a game and we don't have a great spirit of sportsmanship. In games, they tend to punish people for it. Unsportsmanlike behaviour.
So, once again: SILVER NISSAN SUNNY, License: 9424


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