Thursday, March 11, 2004

Baby Boom

HAVING babies is a duty. Make that a duty to self, society and country.
MPs like Dr Ong Seh Hong (Aljunied GRC) want to pump up the social pressure on such people whom he described as 'irresponsible'...he suggested making this group bear the costs of their old age by having them contribute to an account he called the 'Preventive Eldercare Account'.

I think that the country's gone completely bonkers if we're actually going to listen to Dr Ong Seh Hong on his rather moronic views on baby making. Firstly, can you say Police State? We've got tons of ridiculous laws and I think that trying to force people to have kids by hanging a porverbial sword of damacles over their heads is pretty insane.
Secondly, think of the cost saved by not having kids...Money that you'll save by not having to put them through school, college and a fortune saved on diapers. The retirement fund's looking really fat right now. And the Preventive Eldercare Account? We already have something like that don't we? Say it with me Dr Ong, C-P-F.
Thirdly, there are people who really don't want to have kids because they have major problems bringing a kid into a world where students get so stressed out that they commit suicide for lousy PSLE scores at 12 years old, do you really believe that they'd REALLY love to have kids because you force them to?



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