Saturday, March 27, 2004


The RSS Courageous. Navy patrol boat. State of the art technological guiding systems. Manoeuverability of the proverbial dolphin. The ANL Indonesia. 52'000 tonnes of merchant vessel. Not quite state of the art technology. Manoeuverability of the proverbial 52'000 tonne merchant vessel.
Navy vessel decides to cut into the path of the 52'000 tonne merchant vessel. And said 52'000 tonne vessel is supposed to try to avoid the little naval ship? Uhm...I didn't do so well for physics but I'm just assuming here that a 52'000 tonne vessel really doesn't have that much manoeuvering capability...
Anyway, today's verdict was that culpability lay with the naval vessel. No big surprise there. But then the judge says that the people at the helm of the merchant ship are also sort of to blame, opening up a possibility for a civil suit that may allow the Singapore police to sue them for damage to the naval ship...OK...I didn't repeat 52'000 tonnes of merchant ship that many times in my post just because I like typing it...(OK, I did actually...but here's the point) I would think that a hulk of a ship that's 52'000 tonnes would have no culpability when it comes to a collision with a ship that cut into it's path. What's the deal?

Meanwhile on other news. A parent of our brightest 1% of Singapore modelled an excellent example for her kid when she decided to go totally against the teacher's request to not turn into an already jammed carpark to drop her precious darling into the compound. The teacher rolled his eyes, I stared daggers into the expensive continental car. Of course this led to a larger jam.
And in the spirit of the post, the organisers of today's walkathon managed to choose an absolutely pointless route in order to create a walkathon that ended at the youth park. This was, all in all, an absolutely pointless exercise in futility. What did it accomplish? Bugger all. And I had to pay $6.50 for a t-shirt that was just about made out of sackcloth...(the biblical type that's used for mourning)


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