Saturday, March 20, 2004

Buffy: Year 6.

We've restarted watching Buffy. Season 6, while being ultra depressing has also shown a hint of the good writing from the first few seasons. The characters have all grown up, granted, and the plots have gotten a whole lot more serious, but it's still good. Or it was anyway.
Watching the series on DVD sure beats watching it on divx...d'uh...Plus, subtitles rule. Season 7 releases on DVD in Australia on the 14th of April, drool. It's playing over Singaporean TV now but with all the cuts, I'm wondering if it'll even make a scrap of sense anymore.
There was this pub which had a Buffy viewing every Tuesday night in Australia. We managed to get there to watch the finale of season 5 where [spoilers ahead] Buffy dies. [End Spoiler] <- pointless really, because you'll read the two words anyway...) It was a whole load of fun with the entire pub watching intently as the action unfolded, cheering madly when the Buffster opens a can of whoop-ass on Glory and grown men going "awww" when Spike starts crying. Fun times indeed. It would've been fun to be there for the grand finale of BtVS. Interesting point, every Tuesday, the pub would have 50% off all drinks starting with B. Beer was one of those drinks. They also had slayer inspired drinks. Quite cool overall.
I miss that.


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