Saturday, March 20, 2004

Damn...wish I had a thought.

I did...I swear I did. Yesterday, I was ready to get back in the blogging game with a witty and well thought out piece on something...I even had a title.
But I forgot.
Nevermind...I was in Borders last night browsing through the comics section when I overheard a couple talking.

Boy: "Do you like the Legolas or the Aragorn? Or do you prefer the Gimli?"

*smacks forehead*
When did the characters from LoTR get "the" tagged onto their names? Yeesh.
Yurp. I have officially run out of things to write about for now. Note to self, write these damn thoughts down!
On another note, I read the first volume of the Battle Royale comics. Wow...I had no idea that it was that violent. Well, maybe I did but it was quite shocking...and surprisingly addictive. I would like to get my hands on the manga collection. Interesting perspective for the Lord of the Flies.


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