Monday, March 15, 2004

The Last Picture Show.

I give up.
I officially cannot continue this whole movie title thing so I'm dropping that shtick. Sad actually...I found out that I really lost what I meant to do with this blog (Titlewise) when I started really stretching it and alienated myself by searching IMDB for movie names (most that I hadn't even heard about let alone watch) that even hinted toward the topic of my posts.
OK...So starting with the next post, I will just have titles that coincide with my pop culture view of the world that I live in.
Meanwhile, I'm officially on holiday now. Unofficially however, I am actually not. I have courses and a cycling trip to Ubin with the sec 2 little cop boys. I think it'll be fun but it's a bit sad that I still don't get to sleep in till Wednesday.
O well. C'est La Vie.
Meanwhile, I'm currently stewing about a friend who's just dumped the moron of a boyfriend who somehow talked her into an open relationship. It's sad. She's a relatively well adjusted girl who's somehow got herself into a relationship that took away a lot of herself...
All philosophising aside, all I want to do is break the guys kneecaps.


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