Monday, November 07, 2005

Sliced, diced and put on ice.

2 dessert places...

As un-alike in menu as well as service staff. One superior, the other sadly lacking. The former, Dessert House in Liang Seah Street. The latter, the dessert house (the name escapes me now) at the base of International Building where Delifrance used to be.

Dessert house is a small, new establishment with a friendly service staff and a quaint little menu. The iced milk tea is not as much "tea" as it is "milk with a hint of tea".

The other is not a new place. It's at the base of International Building and aside from the blase attitude of the staff, almost every other dessert is bathed in coconut milk. So take a note that when it says coconut juice, it's coconut milk.

Both don't really have fantastic desserts but the staff make a difference. For the former, the service made it special. For the latter, the lack of service enhanced the mediocrity. (That and the really high prices...) I guess that's the difference between good and bad/mediocre service. Sadly enough, the latter is what we get a whole lot of here in sunny Singapore. Then again, I suspect that it's because Singaproeans just suck when it comes down to being nice to service staff. Despite the niceties attempted at the latter dessert place, it was still crappy...but nothing compared to the service at NYDC at Wheelock.

Note that when you're working as a waiter, you should NOT dump spoons, forks and napkins on the table en masse. In a restaurant, you place a napkin, spoon etc by the people you're serving. Also you should also place orders in front of the people that ordered said dishes, NOT dump plates on one side of the table in no particular order.

All that said, the Iced Earl Cool J. in NYDC's still one of my favourite iced teas in Singapore. Which shows that if you don't have good service, you'd better have good products.

*Note, the author has no idea where this post was going and apologizes for the incoherent nature of this post. This was done in front of the TV while Married to the Kellys was on.


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