Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's the last week of school...

...and I'm bone tired.

It's been a crazy week following the virtual insanity of open house and despite the busy-ness, I've also had a spot of Ondine's ennui.

But I've got less to worry about so I'm not complaining.

Let's see...Things to blog about.

I'll begin with the whistle blower who appeared in The Sunday Times about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if it was her or the writer but she came off sounding very smug and rubbed me completely the wrong way. Main problem was the headline that just screamed out of the page:

"Why should I keep quiet about it?"

I don't know. Maybe it reminded me of some stupid Singaporean behaviour that I abhor. Perhaps it was because of the self-righteous air about that statement. Maybe it was the fact that she sounded so proud about what she had done but remained behind a screen of anonymity. All I know is that I read the article and I was very pissed off. The 3 bloggers that got hit with the sedition law...a heck, you know my take on the whole thing...But to sit back and gloat about it...well...

Then again, newspapers have been known to sensationalise things. By now some of you might have read The Singaporean Toilet New Paper and found li'l Ondine's article. Note that while her own students didn't find the post offensive, The Crap Factory New Paper managed to find 15 students and 17 unknown teachers who did. Also take a note that O basically stated that she really didn't have a problem with students blogging about teachers so the little tag on quote from the student re: teachers blogging about them was a clever ruse to try to link the two Blog-incidents. Nice try moron!Liew Hanqing but you should try reading the e-mail interview that you so desperately sought. Perhaps pick up a thesaurus so that you can understand the big words.

But then again, I suppose that we need to have elements like The shitcan New Paper so that hack writers can have a job. After all, we can't all be rocket scientists.

...more later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS IS CRAZY wat is wrong wif writing that on the blog.. this is gg a little crazy the surveillance... then shdn't they be banning the blogs who write about their promiscuous behaviour or blogs that are queer (since everything on blogs has now gotta do wif being morally right and non-offensive???)


melbtwins (wana contact outside blog). email us. meet soon!

Thu Oct 27, 06:49:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Nna said...

The New Paper is like your average gossipy wet-market-maurading auntie. ..Too bad they're ugly and fat like that.

Fri Oct 28, 03:13:00 am 2005  
Blogger rook said...

^ haha. In keeping with that imagery, their trashy headlines are the equivalent of said AGWMMA barging into & plowing through your personal space as they squirm through the huddled mass of bodies.

Packrat: You're missing a "_26" in your URL to Ondine's post, btw

Sat Oct 29, 10:58:00 am 2005  

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