Monday, October 17, 2005

The incredible linking game...

Now, this is something that I've always wanted to's the A.L.T and the Lost Civilisation drinks game. (No, not a drinking game, it's the identify as many drinks in the lyrics of this song as possible. I invite all to participate and enjoy...

The rules are simple. Find as many drinks within the lyrics of the song as possible and for every cocktail, give the recipe. On your marks. Get Set. Go!

I was at the bar with my drinking team
And it was me, Jack Daniels and my homie Jim Beam
We were kinda blitzed and we were tryin to behave, yo
When in walked a soldier, he was from the Fuzzy Naval
We were fallin, stumblin, crawlin
In came the police, Captain Tom Collins
And the vato said, "Freeze!" (Freeze!)
He said, "Hands in the air and hand over your keys"
Now we did, and that was kinda simple
Now here came Margarita and her friend Shirley Temple
I asked my friend 'bout Margarita
He said that Shirley was a virgin and I wouldn't wanna meet her
So I talked to Margarita, cause, yo, she was flyer
I took her to the couch, cause I wanted to srew-drive her
Now I'm not one for a speech
But there was plenty of Tequila and Sex on the Beach

Here we go again and I'm not fussin
See, I'm a French Mexican but I kick it with White Russians
At the bar with the drink in my hand
In walked José Cuervo, it was Margarita's man
I talked to the Wise Man, cause yo, he's distinguished
His name is St. Ides and he spoke in Olde English
He said, "You better think fast
Cause José is kinda crazy and I heard he shot glass"
He gave me some advice and it went like this, yo
"Catch the Night train and head up to 'Cisco"
I didn't wanna stick around
I caught the 1(:)51 to New York, the Greyhound
Now I'm at the Red Zone, everybody stylin
Showbiz was sippin Ice Teas on Long Island
I blacked out, the party came to a halt
Cause I was drinkin the Tequila with the lemon and salt

I woke up in the morning and felt like a zombie
The Tequila Gold Label had bombed me
You see, I woke up late, I wasn't feelin so great
And Mike said, "There's a Bacardi party startin at 8"
Yo, we walked in the party and started playin our games
We played tops, fuzzy quarters with Bartles & Jaymes
Here came Shirley Temple and they told me to chill
Because the Mickey Brothers took her up to Strawberry Hill
They took her $1000 mink and she could barely think
Cause the Tequila that she drank had her tickled pink
Now the music came on and I rocked the instrumental
There's a groupie named Mai Tai, a fly oriental
A groupie is a girl that jocks
She wore a def Black Velvet and drank Scotch on the rocks
We had a Fake Marriage, now here's the Honeymoon
Yo, it's on, Vagabond at the Blue Lagoon
Now everybody take a couple of words from the wise
A girlie and a bottle - Tequila Sunrise


Blogger  said...

Margarita - tequila + flavour (lime, strawberry, etc) + ice, blended.
Shirley Temple
screw-driver - vodka + OJ
Sex on the Beach - Malibu + some other liqueur + OJ
White Russian - vodka + kahlua + milk
Jose Cuevo
Long Island Ice Tea - gin, vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, dash of coke and sour mix
Zombie - (don't drink this)
Mai Tai
Black Velvet - guinness + champagne
Blue Lagoon
Tequila Sunrise - tequila + OJ + some red liqueur (?)

Liquor (40% or more)
Tequila, Barcadi rum, Scotch whiskey

left some out. please add to the recipe!

Tue Oct 18, 02:54:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Nna said...

I feel virgin after reading this..?

*needs to already hit the books instead*

Thu Oct 20, 03:37:00 pm 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea for a game, but i actually found these page trying to find out the name of that song via the lyrics which i knew... can anybody help me out with what the song is called and who its by???

Thu Mar 02, 10:41:00 pm 2006  

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