Saturday, August 14, 2004

Wedding Dreams.

This is something that I dreamed some time before the wedding, a memory that was triggered by Yuhui's own weird wedding dream. Well it wasn't as weird as his but I think it ranks up there with my going-to-school-without-my-pants dream.

I was at the church and I thought that I was there for the rehearsal, final or otherwise. I was in my usual wear, berms and t-shirt. JL was there with me and he was telling me all the things that I needed to get ready, the rings, the vows etc. I suddenly realised that the church was beginning to fill up with more people than was expected with a rehearsal, and they were all more well dressed than I was. Then, JL picked up his bag and said that he was going to change. I had a major wig and the sinking feeling that I had forgotten to buy my suit. JL returned all dressed up in a suit that I got for him and the rest of my best men started showing up. JL asked if I wanted him to run down to G2000 to pick a suit off the rack for me and I was actually considering the offer when my dad showed up.
He had this really cool mandarin collar jacket that was, for some reason or another, ivory and embroided with a chinese dragon. He took a look at me and then asked if I wanted to borrow his suit. That was when the processional started and S walked in...

The dreams evolved as the wedding drew closer and my state of unpreparedness lessened by degrees till the last dream before the wedding was the one that I had everything except my shoes.
Talk about your subconscious manifestations of your own insecurities. :P


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