Monday, July 26, 2004


OK...was watching Enemy of the State on TCS just about 10 minutes ago and as filler between programmes, they put in the children's choir version of the National Day Song for this year, which is the same song as last year, Home.
Let's just put aside the fact that the nation's songwriters are decidedly lazy this time around and let's focus on the music video itself. The image that it's supposed to portray is the innocent child, dressed in white no less, singing said song with her sweet angelic voice...except that the poor girl looks like she's ready to cry as she sings. (She's also got a REALLY constipated look on her face as she belts out the lyrics to the song.)
Plus the cacophony of accents. Bad enough that the choir doesn't seem to be able to agree on the pronounciations of the lyrics but the fact that the diction of the singers is a horrid mix of traditional choir diction (You know the type) and Singlish weird language stress patterns...
Throw in a corny montage of Singaporean kids playing baseball and you've got yourself a National Day Video to be proud of.
I feel like I need a bath.


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