Thursday, July 29, 2004

Smash up.

So I wrecked the car today.
Ran into a cab and totalled the front of the car...thankfully there were no injuries, but I did manage to crumple the front of the car. I think the car was trying to kill us due to the fact that the brakes malfunctioned just for the 2 seconds it took to hit a non moving cab.
In an act of total brain malfunction I also managed to not get the cabby's details while surrendering my own to now I'm at the mercy of the mechanic told me that I should've gotten his details as did the rest of the world and all the time my brain's going "huh?" and following that, "Oh fuck".
Talk about spazzing out.
Anyway, I think that we're going to be out of about $3000 that we don't actually have to spare...and I'm the cause of the deficit.
Sucks to be me.
On the bright side, my parents have been quite nice about it. No big lecture on how I should've been more careful (I should've) and the added nice gesture to fetch S and I to school tomorrow.
Sitting in their car on the way home from the mechanics (who took a look at the car and did a double take) I felt like I was 12 years old again and I wanted my parents to make everything better...because they were the adults. My dad's offered to speak to the cabby when he calls to settle everything...and that really made me feel a whole lot better (...not that I feel good or anything...I still feel like crap) and I realised that as long as they're around, I'll always feel like I have someone to run to when I need to, and I'll always know that they'll be there for me.
My mom went for an operation some time ago to remove a cyst...and I recall feeling a sense of panic as she was in the operating theater. I didn't know why then and I'm beginning to understand now, that despite my struggle to find my own two feet, I still depend so much on them.
Thanks mom and dad.
I love you.


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