Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Cynicism Unleashed.

Just a pop to note that our nation's brightest happens to be the most cynical bunch I've ever met...and they're only 14.
Sadly I think that it's something that our kids tend to suffer from, the point where idealism's killed by the crap that we're required to force feed them with. I think it's the same kind of crap that we as teachers are fed, which led to my rant of despair. I don't know why the twig people tend to think that there are things that we can't let some people figure out for themselves? Are our kids that morally ambiguous that they can't figure out right from wrong? I think it's the constant fear and lack of trust that's so ingrained in Singapore, stemming from an extreme insecurity, that causes us to react in this way.
Give it up! You can't control kids this way and then ask yourselves why they get so damn cynical. When your life isn't your own, you tend to care a whole lot less.
Release the leashes, let them run free. Then maybe we'll see some growth.


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