Monday, August 02, 2004

Intrusions and other newsances.

Imagine walking past a shop and having a advertisement flash onto your phone. That's what 3G'll get you.
Shyeah right. Like we need more ads in our lives. I can't imagine who could be so dumb as to imagine that we'd like more spam invading our personal space. Gah! It's bad enough that there're stupid ads playing in MRT stations and on our buses, it's gotten to the point where I receive irritating mails selling viagra in my school mailbox.
Technology's supposed to make our lives easier, freeing us to do other more meaningful things. Instead, I'm going to have to listen to my phone selling me yet another timeshare, my clothes threatening to disintegrate unless I upgrade my mobile and my shoes'll walk me straight into a starbucks.

This would all be pre lesson ob ranting by the way...
A preview for my next post, Plastic Surgeons will save the world.


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