Friday, August 06, 2004

Chucking a Mental.

So I'm trying to croak through my instructions for handing in their overdue assignments...going to the extent to allow those little twits to hand it in to me tonight at the concert...
And then I see the lot of them at the back of the class building a bloody structure out of cans of horlicks. Aaargh!
So, after a horlicks massacre where there was much mayhem and bowling with chairs, along with at least 1 horlicks casualty, the little nitwits get no exemption off their comprehension lateness and a whole 20% off tomorrow.
The little vein in my head's going to stop throbbing someday, I hope.
This, according to an ex-girlfriend of mine, was called chucking a mental. I had no idea what it meant till I got into teaching, where I think my brain finds it compulsory to chuck a mental once every term. I think the imagery in that term actually is quite effective.

So today, I have chucked a mental for term 3.


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