Thursday, February 26, 2004

Very Bad Things

Just watched the abovementioned movie that I had intended to watch for the longest time but never actually got around to seeing it. It was on my watch list since I saw the title in a video store in Melly...I mean, dark comedy, Christian Slater...Heathers anyone?
I finally got around to watching it, a little hesitantly actually considering my low blood and gore threshold, and I quite enjoyed it. Well, it's not one of the videos that I really will keep around in my collection but it's not that bad. It actually took me back to the bachelor party that never really was...and I'm glad that the furthest mine went was multiple trips to worship at the porcelain altar...Where, with hasty yet sincere orisons, I promised never to drink that much again.
I enjoyed this the same way I enjoyed Heathers. It was fun, irreverent and threw moral standards out the window but I kept thinking that Slater was just playing a grown up JD. Funny really...JD, an estate agent.
Anyway, it's getting late and I'm still on course tomorrow. Still need to get one more lit lesson plan done for perusal by mine mentor.


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