Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Late Show.

Show's latecomers faced 1-hour wait.
That's the headline from the article in today's newspaper, local section. Ha! I say...and Ha! again. I was at once highly amused and downright pissed off reading about some of the reactions from the people who got locked out of the show. That and I felt bad for the ushers who had to keep them out of said show.
(Anyone who hasn't seen the hideous monstrosity "Turpis Singaporus" (Or the common Ugly Singaporean) need only check out the abovementioned story.)
Late for a show and demanding to be let in...We had a play set up by our Drama Club that stated that it was common courtesy to show up early (at best) or on time (at worst) for a show. I think that it's the same whether you're watching a movie or a live act, be punctual. I think the problem with the average US is that they tend to think that the world revolves around them, a dubious delusion that comes from the whole "me first" mentality that a lot of us tend to manifest. It's our culture to be that self-centered.
I was amazed and then shocked and humbled when I realised that in all the countries that I have travelled to, ours was the only one with a need for a courtesy campaign. Singapore needed a campaign to teach them to be better people. Let's take a step back a while and let that sink in.
We need our government to tell us not to be assholes.
I applaud the management of the Esplanade (despite my initial misgivings about a theater that looks like the unofficial national fruit of Singapore) for making a stand against this tide of US', you are a classy venue and you should stay that way in order to better serve your punctual audience. I also applaud those who waited quietly and took their punishments like the Singaporeans that we hope we will become.
For the rest of them...the ones who yelled and Bill the Cat would put it:



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