Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Sex, Lies and Politics.

Sex and the City is now officially over. As an anti-fan, I gladly take up the shovel and start digging its grave but as a television student, my hat's off to a cultural phenom. May you rest in peace.
Speaking of endings, the Whedonverse received a huge slap in the face when the WB decided to dump the surviving cousin of the Buffyverse, Angel. Now, as a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think that it's horrible. When Buffy ended its run with it's seventh (and IMHO, redeeming) season, I do we go from here? I wasn't that great a fan of Angel due to the fact that it's second season had the suckiest season closer EVER...(Charmed notwithstanding) and the fact that Conner was a huge mistake. I mean, teenage angst really had no place in Angel.
But then I decided to give Angel 5 a chance and started reading the transcripts on Buffyworld and I was sucked in. I can't really say whether it was Buffy withdrawal or that the show really did improve from season 2 but I liked it. And now it's going to go away.
As a fan of Buffy, I was hoping that the Buffyverse would survive at least in this incarnation and continue the story of the characters that I had grown to love, but it seems that it's not going to happen. (The characters from the scooby gang were supposed to make appearances in Angel...*igh...)
The WB has released a press release giving the old farewell to the series. Interestingly enough, the release states that Buffy and Angel were the "cornerstones of [their] network". Take away a cornerstone and I assure you that the building will collapse.
Another interesting read in this debacle is the article posted about the bad blood between Whedon and the WB. Yeesh. Talk about incompetence on the part of the WB. What can I say...Bureaucrats. Case in point, Charmed is getting a 7th season on the WB.

Speaking of which, I've been on the NPCC OC modular course and we had a briefing from the branch in charge of Co-Curricular Activities on the importance of encouraging students to take CCAs. Interestingly enough, they want all students to have a well rounded education and wish their students to take their interests in their respective CCAs with them for the rest of their lives, which I think is a pretty nice ideal to have. They are doing this by forcing all students to take a CCA and rewarding those who excel in these CCAs with bonus points towards their entrance into higher educational institutions. Hmmm.
On another note, there's a school that, when staff morale was found to be low, enforced fun upon its staff by having compulsory outings to boost morale. They watched movies, went out for dinners and had staff cohesion activities during extended staff contact times, which dragged to 6pm every alternate week.
Ah...the Singaporean way. It's the autistic country that can rationalise and replicate the motions of happiness but cannot connect with its emotion.


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