Friday, February 13, 2004

Out Cold.

I'm sick and tired.
Quite literally actually. It's 4 pm on a Friday...Friday the 13th in fact, and I'm down with a cold. Now this is quite odd as I usually never get just a cold. It's almost always a cold plus. (ie. A cold plus a fever, a cold plus a sore throat, a cold plus get the picture) I'm quite out of it though...It feels like my head's full of cotton and my eyes are all runny...and I'm just beat. I've been trying to do stuff, work stuff but I've been unmotivated and frankly, just BLEAGH. (Which is what I sound like after the nose blowing.
Other than that, I'm exhausted. Despite sleeping for about 9 hours, I'm still tired...I think my body's trying to tell me something...
I know...haven't touched my blog in 2 full days and I did make a resolution to post more often now that I'm free at home, but I've been caught up trying to catch sleep...It has eluded me and when I sleep, I have funny dreams that surprisingly enough, makes tons of sense.
I dreamt last night that we were back in Melbourne. It was weird really because I don't usually have those dreams. It's S's job to do that. Me? I usually have dreams that involve a nurse chasing me through the corridor trying to push a huge needle the size of a pipe through my arm. And I run REALLY slow, like someone's hit the slo-mo function on the VCR. You know, when every step takes about 10 minutes?
Yeap. Those're the kinds of dreams that I have.
But this Melbourne one was quite different. We were back in Melbourne with *shock* my parents looking for a place to live. S was going for her PHD and I was looking for a house...which was strange because we'd just landed that afternoon so obviously we were stuck without a house...I was also wondering which car we were going to buy to get around in. I was even wondering if we had enough for a second car. Weird.
Could be anxiety, could be that I need to get out of the house...I dunno.
I just finished watching The In-Laws and Empire of the Sun. My brain's frying gently over a small fire...Sizzling away...I hate being sick.


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