Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Yay! My first title that comes from a film that's made in Singapore!
My head hurts. I spent a full 13 hours in school yesterday and by the time we got out of school, it was dark. And I really mean dark...I got out of the GE resource room and I could barely make out anyone directly in front of me. Anyway, it feels like I got whacked inna head with a sledgehammer.
I had a dream that S and I had a baby. It was a girl, the sweetest, smallest thing that I held in my arms for just a second. Then I realised that my parents did not know that S was even pregnant and apparently we'd managed to keep them out of the loop for the whole time all the way till the birth of said child. Well, of course I couldn't tell them over the phone...Can you imagine?

"Hi mom...yes we're doing fine. Yup, don't worry, I've been taking care of myself. O, by the way, we just had a baby. Yes...It's a surprise to me too."

Gah...So I ran out of the hospital (after leaving the baby with S) and hopped into a car to go tell my parents. Then I woke up.
Weird dream.
*sudden snap back to reality*
I look forward to heading back home and sleeping.

*PS. Whoops. Forgot that my driver in the dream was the esteemed anonymousnoises. Somehow or another, he'd gotten his driving license.


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