Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Or, how I wish I could...
Today was Fun-o-Rama day. Once every two years, the greatest funfair in Singapore hits town off Dover road. Religiously, I have attended this day every opportunity that I have and today, I continued said tradition, albeit only for about a half hour.
I got back to school at about 1:30pm today from some parade training where the parade commander spent the whole morning yelling at the students. Upon reaching school, I dumped my stuff and headed over to the funfair armed with $10 worth of tickets that were graciously (read: unceremoniously) donated (read: dumped on me) by a colleague who happened to be from a rival school named after some dude who happened to land somewhere on a speck.
Anyway, I met up with some of the first batch of students that I taught (professionally...or maybe not) and wow...They've all left school. (Well...most of them anyway) A sense of pride grew in my chest due to the fact that, despite my better efforts, they should graduate hopefully passing GP and moving on to better things...and then I remembered why I'm in teaching.
It takes small things to make us happy I guess...and I think that I came away from this fair feeling a whole lot better about my lot in life. I guess it's nice to know that I made an impact somewhere...I hope I can still do it now.
The day culminated with dinner and DVDs with my closest friends.
I think that today should go down on my blog as one of the most peaceful and satisfying days this year so far, despite being in school from 7-5...Yay me!


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