Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Home Alone

Well, she's leaving tonight. It's going to be two weeks. Wow...this would be the first time I'd be at home alone. Specifically our own home. I never really thought about that much but here it is.
I keep having Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi (Covered by Amy Grant) playing in my head...I wonder if it means anything.
Anyway, I'm waiting for her to take her shower before we leave for dinner and then it's off to the airport.
Two weeks.
Anyway, I've got my little backup plan all set up. Got 4 DVDs to get through, got my D&D game this Friday (I think) and JL's coming over for some PS2 action on Saturday. What else do I have planned? I intend to complete KOTOR as soon as I possibly can (it's just getting interesting) and try to Blog a little bit more than usual I guess...
Odds are I'll just end up vegging in front of the TV, bathing in it's warm, nourishing glow.
I recall that when she left me for 10 days in Melly, I spent the whole tenday starting and completing Throne of Amn. Scared the crap out of my friends because I became sort of like the proverbial old hermit that lives in the little apartment on the second floor. Then I had Spike for company and now, there's no one in the house but me.
Well, my parents have graciously extended the invitation for me to have all my dinners at home as well as offering me my old room back for two weeks. I think that actually might be weirder than staying at my place by myself. They took all my stuff out, including my ol' Beauty and the Beast poster that had hung on the wall for the past 10 years. That came down in a hurry.
I'm going to miss my wife...I'm not ashamed to say it. I think it's going to be a hard 2 weeks.


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