Friday, February 27, 2004


Singapore. Little island in the sea.
Red Dot.
Home of the ungracious.
I occasionally find little gems that I like about my country in the strangest places. Strange actually because these things pop up unexpectedly all over the place and this is what made my day today.
In the forum section of the newspaper, there is a small subsection named bouquets. Basically a small space dedicated for people to write in to commend a good deed...which sounds kinda cheesy but I guess it helps to know that we're not all that bad.
Today's set of bouquets was the first that I chose to read and while it didn't really warm my heart in a big way, it was nice to know that there's hope for us yet.
That and listening to my recently resurfaced Corrinne May CD.
Now, this would be CD two of two local acts that I keep prized in my collection. (The first being The Lizard's Convention, a CD that took ages to hunt down) Corrinne's got quite a voice and the first track on the CD really blew me away. Subtle yet powerful, it's a track titled "Fly Away".

Well, on other news, my course ended today and I'm dreading the week of hell that's coming up. 2 lesson obs and an interview with da Man. Other than that, I've also got a camp next weekend, meaning that I'm going to be one cranky guy next week.


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