Saturday, February 28, 2004

An Inspector Calls

An office full of workers stood and watched in horror as Harith Gary Lee stormed in and dragged his girlfriend out by her hair.
That made the front page of the Home section of today's papers. I am frankly appalled by the incident and it's got less to do with the fact that the poor girl got dragged out of her office by her hair, punched in the face and subsequently thrown off a building and more to do with the fact that the office full of workers did nothing to stop him. It's just way too much to imagine just standing by and watching as some guy reeking of alcohol strides into the staffroom, grabs a colleague by the hair and drags her out...Isn't the first instinct of anyone to actually stop the guy and ask what he's doing? Is there any way in the world to rationalise his actions as justifiable and butt out of what could be a really dangerous situation for the poor girl? Geez.
Have we lost that much of our humanity that the instinct to help someone in obvious need has been eradicated from our minds? Was there no one who just took a step back to assess the situation and say, "Hey, that's not right!"?
I think that this is a social ill that has developed in our nation. We've become a people who just say, "not my problem" so much that we've become numb to other peoples pain. Or maybe it was about saving face. "Yeah, the girl and her boyfriend probably have some issues to work out and we shouldn't butt in."
Get a clue. Someone inebriated and dragging his girlfriend out by the hair probably does not want to have a decent conversation over coffee...and now someone's dead. Priestley said that we're killing people nowadays indirectly by our apathy. We live in a world that's becoming more and more internal and we shut people out and now someone's dead.
I think that this tragedy was a wake up call for our nation.
It's time to start caring again.


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