Monday, February 09, 2004

The Heckler.

We have our first heckler! :)
Wow, I never thought that my blog would ever gain the prestige of having my own little troll. Thanks for catching the "fervent" mistake. Didn't actually get that while editing.
Funny guy really. Quite angsty.
Anyway, it's Monday and we're back at work. It's been a really short weekend and while I'm not quite ready to head back in to school, I'm quite refreshed from my day of rest. Got out of school on Saturday and just managed to catch "The Odd Couple". (The play, not the movie) I found it quite good despite my initial resistance to any arty thing Singaporean. Thing about Singaporean plays is that they tend to be a whole load of angst and pretension. This was amazingly well done and we had a great evening out. I did feel quite "bleagh" leaving school on Saturday and quite drained by the time I got home. (Hit the pillow, fell asleep for all of five minutes, woke up to bathe to go to the play) By the time I got out of the shower, I really didn't feel like leaving the house...(bed comfortable)...and went rather unwillingly to the play. Felt quite dead all the way to dinner but then felt a whole lot better after that.
The play was quite good. Thought that some of the elements of the play could've been more polished *cough*BeatriceChia*cough* but the leads, Adrian Pang and Ramesh Panicker, were amazing!
As I was telling A and L, it's the first arty thing I'm doing this year and I'm inspired to aim for 3. I think it'll be a whole lot of fun.
O well, back to work.


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