Monday, February 09, 2004

Troll 2: Trolls.

I suggested to The Languishing Cat that the troll problem that she had was just that: A troll problem. (Anybody who's been on any 'board for a considerable amount of time will know the species.) They're usually just flamers that post messages to rile up the board...sort of the attention seeking children that they are.
Then I read the stuff that her troll left her. She's my wife and if anyone talked to her like that to her face and I'd be forced to smash their faces in. I told her to ignore the troll and maybe he/she would go away. I told her that she's more mature than that and that she's above all the mudslinging and dumbass remarks and she shouldn't stoop to that level.
But then again, I'm not so here goes:

"so. you delete comments which displease you... out of spite? guilt? pray tell. you constantly anguish about the lack of discourse/creativity around, about complacency etc but when push comes to shove, you are no better than the rest, are you? if what you're really looking for is critique and comment, well, babe, you've got what you asked for."

This was a post off her web comments recently (*plug*powered by Haloscan by the way...*plug*) that basically said that all the stuff that he/she had posted was discourse.
This was the stuff that he/she posted.

"Your uni sweater is utilitarian? wow. Just goes to show how dumb you are, even your clothes are smarter than you.

"Wreckless" ?!?!?!

your stupidity never fails to amaze me. Which is amazing, considering I've seen so much of it in just a couple entries.

Teachers these days...

Selfish bitch.

You and your dear teacher friends complain that young people these days are too irresponsible, couldn't care less, etc. What about yourself? great role models you people are. Thanks for teaching the future generation just what's good and what's not.

Where do you guys come off sounding so ****ing self-righteous? Or, what's so special about yourselves that the rules bend for you? Nobody is allowed to be apathetic, but it's fine for yourself? wow, great ethic here.

Are you trying to sound greater-than-the-rest-of-the-world or just apathetic? make up your damn mind... if you have one.

The underaged are protected because they don't have the maturity to step back and decide rationally if what they are doing is right. They might think or act or sound like they know what they're doing, but they're still only teenagers, without experience and rationality to really guide them. They want to act grown up, but they're too young to be held fully responsible for their rash actions.

But then again, looking at people like Daniel and yourself, maybe 21 is still too young for people to be considered matured, sensible, responsible. After all, how old are you people, and you're still griping like angsty teenagers?!?!?!


You actually managed to THINK?!?!?! Impossible.

Oh, so just because you have the ****ing money to ***ing go overseas, you just don't give a shit? Great way to live life... QUITTER"

Wow...That's like discourse that is the intellectual equivalent to "No, you're stupid..."
I mean how much of an intellectual giant do you have to be in order to have a discourse that, and here's my favourite, starts with "Selfish" and ends with "Bitch"? I had a feeling that said poster really picked all that discourse jargon up in JC GP classes or the uni course "Discourse: 101" and basically copied it out wholesale.
All I can really say to said troll is this: Leave her want to be a bitch, you can come be my bitch.
Here Bitchy bitch...
Bring it on.


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