Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Morons and F*ckheads

Looking at my Blog page, I noticed a button that led to a random blog. The first one was a lingerie page that was weird enough...then I went back on the browser and hit the button again to try to get the page to load again...(forgetting the "forward" button once again on my browser).
I came across this. For those who aren't too keen on hyperlinks (I know I don't always click 'em...) this is the offending post.

" Tsunami?

So apparently a Tsunami hit somewhere in Asia. I'm not really sure where it hit because to be honest I just don't care!!* I think it's funny that everyone is now rushing out and sending money to these people. If this shit happened here would any of these other f*cking countries come to our aid? HELL NO!!* Most of these countries would probably laugh at us!!* So why should I care about these people?
To tell you the truth I think these stupid people got what they deserved. Apparently for 30-45 minutes the ocean disappeared and no one thought it was strange!!* People on the beach stood there and looked at all the fish that could be seen!!* If I'm on a beach somewhere and the Ocean disappears my fat ass is running!!* Are you f*cking serious? That shit ain't normal!!* RUN PEOPLE RUN!!!* In 30-45 minutes I could get from my house to outside Philly!!* I could get from my house to past Cherry Hill!!* The other problem I have with this whole thing is that from every picture I have seen on the news the places that got hit didn't look all that nice. They sure as hell didn't look clean so you know what they got a free wash out of it! Don't bitch!!*
If anything this Tsunami proved there are too many people out there that can't swim!!* WHO CAN'T SWIM!!!* It's 2005 now people put on some swimmies and learn to swim!!* If not come on learn to float!!*

Send them money if you want!!*

The Ocean disappears and you don't run?!!* RUN PEOPLE RUN!!!*
Look at it this way atleast no hot girls died!!*"

Some people wonder why people love to hate Americans...Sometimes, you don't need to dig too deep when the shit's already floating on the surface. To borrow a phrase from Terz, what a f*cktard.

*"...multiple exclamation points, a sure sign of a diseased mind."


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