Wednesday, December 01, 2004

To TS. Whoever she is...

Due to no less than 4 comments on my idle post on the Idol phenomena, I have been moved to respond.
Uhm...Well. Where to begin?
I didn't really mean to personally attack "Sly-Beng"...well...not really anyway. I don't know him I'll just say this: The guy's got no talent.

As for the post itself, I was simply drawing parallels between the voting process in a democracy (a real one as opposed to the ones where there are no viable alternatives) and the voting process in the Idol phenomena here in Singapore. When you leave the decision with the masses, you often have to concede with lowered expectations. *igh. It almost makes an argument for the cultural elite having sole voting privilleges.
The thing about only the intelligent having the vote...I would like that. Anybody in their right mind should. I think that the people who vote have an obligation to vote responsibly. And not get swayed by the smoke and mirrors that people put up just to disguise the lack of abilities. I liked the idea (leading up to the 2004 presidential elections in the US) that the American public could actually put a good man into the white house in order to depose the bad man who was already there. I thrilled at the thought of seeing Dubya kicked out of public office. Then I realised that the problem with a democracy is that the masses aren't exactly in the best position to see what is best for themselves. The masses never have. They can't see past the smoke and mirrors. They can't get past the lies.
The problem, TS, is that the post was only partly written about the Singapore Idol phenomena and mainly written about the frustrations that I have with the democratic process. I'm not saying that only people with degrees should be able to vote on Singapore Idol. I really don't care who wins. I'm just saying that we get what we vote for. And I think that Singapore Idol really does show that really well.
There's a lesson to be learned, Young Padawan. Learn it well.

*Also, I really think that the mantra: "Moulding the future of our nation" can take on whole new meanings when you place little punctuation points around.
eg. "Moulding: The Future of our Nation."
Or if you simply streamlined the tagline into:
"Mould: The Future of our Nation."


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