Saturday, November 27, 2004


So it's down to the final 2 on Singapore Idol. Why, pray tell, am I blogging about this phenomena that I really don't give two hoots about? I don't know...but I do know this...
People get what they vote for. It isn't about who's the best singer (she got voted out a loooong time ago) or who's probably going to be the best face that Singapore can show the world. It's about who appeals to the masses...and unfortunately the masses in Singapore, not quite the intelligent or the well read.
They're the "lians" and "bengs"...they're the kiddies who like their guys androgynous. They're the ones who still think that somehow or another, Singapore's going to produce a Jon Bon Jovi of our own...
Sadly enough, that said, I think that the best representation that we've got...the one that shows the true face of Singaporeans (not the one that we want to show the world but the one that really defines the typical "Joe Singapore") is a guy who's either named after an action star, or a canary chasing cat. He is who we (mainly) are. He's the embodiment of the western-wannabe who forces the edge into his singing without really realising what he's doing. He's the one who tries to enunciate but constantly fails because of the accent that he was born with. (Listen out for his "kees from a rose") He's the one that 51% of Singaporeans relate to and would spend hundreds of dollars sms-ing and phoning in for.
Yeah...we all say we really can't stand the guy but look at how far he's gone by beating people that really had more talent to begin with.
I think that voting should only be done by the intelligent. (At least "A" levels and above...) Not by Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel.


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