Sunday, November 21, 2004

And now the news...

The Straits Times has indeed sunk to lows that I couldn't even comprehend...Was considering dropping our subscription. But then again, what's the bloody alternative?
In today's paper re: 13 year old runaway...
"Little Huang Na may be dead but there is at least one happy ending for another missing girl..."
What moron!s these reporters be.
The girl's dead...let it rest. I know that she was a little cash cow for all you Straits Times bastards but it's time to let her go...really. People don't need little tidbits of sensationalism in order to read about a runaway. Report the damn news you idiots!
And to think that I told my class that the ST was the newspaper compared to the tabloid TNP. Well, to all my students reading this: It's false! They've sold out! Read The Business Times instead for your news! Or another viable alternative is
On other news:
Two moron!s that I want to blog about today: (From the article: What? No more Pocket Money?) re: A parent cuts off his two sons' allowances to teach them about the real world.

1) Cristal Lee: "Cutting my allowance is equivalent to cutting my freedom."
WTF?! Yur right. Money = Freedom? Freedom is intrinsic in people and it's all about making choices. Obviously, you have the freedom to receive money from your parents. You have that freedom and your exercise it. So what's the alternative? Can your parents say "no", you spoilt little brat? Does money equate to freedom? Is your freedom so fleeting that someone can take it away from you by not giving you an allowance? Or have you got a penchant for the overdramatic?
As Mel Gibson channeling (badly) William Wallace may have said:
"They may take our allowance, but they'll never take our freedom!"

2) Mrs Elsie Chow: "Teens have needs, what if she resorts to doing something silly?"
If the kid resorts to do something stupid, it means the mechanism has been there from the start and that is a failing on your part, moron!. No steady allowance is going to change that. In fact, said steacy allowance is probably the kid's downfall.
Parenting ought to have restrictions against parents who don't want to take responsibility for their kids' failures. FTS! If you haven't taught your 17 year old right from wrong, then you really should send your 8 year old out to a family that will.

Meanwhile, on the sports front:
The Detroit Pistons, last year's NBA champeens, have clashed with the Indiana Pacers, last year's best record and wannaba champeens, in the biggest brawl that looked like something out of the Royal Rumble.
I wish I were in the 'States. Then I could've watched it live!


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