Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I swear I will update my blog...

I know. It's been 12 days. Well...Sadly enough, I really have been quite out of my head for said period of time.
Anyway, since I've last blogged:
1) My new school's confirmed at "ye-olde-alma-mater-that-I-never-went-to".
2) I've jumped (partially) on said MoH:AA bandwagon.
3) I got my hands on Gabe's Xbox with Halo2...Droooool....Fragfest ensued that left Arr & partner's, Jon's and my aptly named characters "Hug me Quick", "Walking Target" and "Dead Man" splattered across 3 separate maps. Loadsa fun though. Halo & sequel, definitely party game of the decade...seeing as you don't really get sick as a spectator. Also realised that le group des amies (Empty Vessels, where we butcher the French language...chopchopchop) tends to eat a lot less during a potluck than a bbq. Important point to note.
4) Passed my IPPT! Yay me! Treadmill of doom almost killed me though. I think that running at the pace of 11.7 km/h made me see spots by the 10th minute and I was ready to throw up on the PTI by the time I was done.
5) Watched The Incredibles. It was a 2 hour animated movie. Anyone who doesn't know the significance of that should take a look at the lengthy animation process to produce 1 minute of footage.
6) First official OM meeting with a (hopefully fulfillable)promise to try to attend as many meetings as possible next year.
7) Cleared out my desk...well...partially took 2 garbage bags but I can now see the hint of the desk that I last laid eyes on a year and a half ago.'s been a rather uneventful 12 days seeing as how the rest of my life tends to be exciting and peppy...
I swear that I will update my blog more often...
No, really...


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