Thursday, October 21, 2004

Old Friends.

Old Friend
O this is so like you
To drop back in
Well you're right on time

~From Hello Old Friend, By Kim Richey.

So one of my best friends's back from Melly. I haven't seen her since she last popped back last September so it's been over a year and considering her technical expertise (read: Lack of...) keeping in touch has been minimal. I met her at the MRT station and I recall wondering if she was there already (being 10 minutes past the meeting time...) and I just didn't recognise her. But she (finally) appeared and there was the obligatory hug (tight and squeezy, but nice...) and we carried on where we left off over a year ago.
I've known her for 7 years...and she's one of the remnants of my life in Melbourne that remains close to my heart. We met under the most irritating circumstances (depending on who you ask, the story changes...) and it's just been bickering and more bickering from there. It's fun really.
Timing's right too because I'm working on nothing much now that I'm between schools. O well. Now to get my brain working again. :)
Welcome back Sharon.


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