Monday, November 01, 2004

Pomp and Panache.

So we're back from The Tanglin Club where we was introduced to "society" and effectively collected signatures endorsing my membership application. So, with a payment of a whole load of cash, we will officially be members of aforementioned club.
I was talking with Shepherd today and he said that the British do everything with panache (including losing) and I think that's quite true. Panache seemed to be the name of the game tonight with cocktails and canapes (mainly raw with sticks). The Ukranian ambassador was there and probably half of the caucasian population in Singapore. It's probably as close to "high society" that I am ever going to get without being a major supplier of cocaine.
On other news. My alma mater has surprised me again and when one particularly bad egg in the family slams the servants' entrance in my face, another opens the main door and welcomes me with open arms. God willing, I may actually return to BR. Funny how life takes weird turns. Today, I met a principal with principle...A teacher leader. An educator that cares.


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