Saturday, January 31, 2004

To Sir, With Love

A minor uproar here in the staffroom where my table temporarily became news central because my laptop was on. An unnamed math teacher wooed his 14 year old student and slept with her. (18 times, 16 in a hotel room and twice in the front seat of his car)*
Jazz is a man on a mission. He plans to dig up the identity of the teacher in question with all the clues revealed by the Straits Times.
He was 26 when he wooed her. (We're assuming that he was fresh out of the National Institute of Education)
She was in his Secondary 2 Math Class.
He got married in December 2002. (To his steady girlfriend, not the minor.)
He was in the Rasa Sentosa on the 31st of May 2002.
He was snogging a 14 year old in an unnamed park.
Dude wears specs.

OK...I suspect it was Colonel Mustard in the Bedroom with the condom.

On a slightly more serious note, what the heck was he thinking? Student bats her eyelashes at him and at once, he's buying her flowers and jewellery for Valentine's day? That and the fact that he had a steady girlfriend that he was getting married to. And even if he didn't want to, he did not have the guts to break it off? Now the poor girl's got to undergo the shame of being known as the wife of the dude who boned his 14 year old student.
Add to all that the fact that he went and had another affair with some lady he met off the internet. These Math teachers must be ridiculously repressed in some way or another.
The issue here isn't just the fact that he committed statutory rape (which I think really is a dumb rule in today's society) but that he abused his position as a teacher. He took a student who was under him (insert bad sexual pun here) and took advantage of the fact that he was, intrinsically, a well loved (insert raunchy sexual joke here) figure of authority.
I guess what pisses me off most here is the fact that he managed to exercise, not once, but twice, all the self-control of a Singaporean in an all you can eat buffet...
Well, I'm guessing that the next NIE course should have a module called "How to avoid sleeping with your students".

*The printing of the statistics of sexual intercourse within this lurid relationship shows a certain meticulousness of the person(s) relating the details in question (ref: Trish "The Dish" Jones, Mallrats ) as well as the sordid state of mind of the person who wrote the article. Not to mention the morbidity of the people who share some secret enjoyment in judging the details. (I am sadly one of them)
Two times in the front seat of his car? (On a teacher's salary, that ain't a big car) How is that even possible? Wouldn't once be enough to see the mistake in that?


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