Friday, January 30, 2004

Before Sunrise

I was surfing through the web, actually trying to figure out why my DVDs haven't arrived yet (a Blog for another day) when I chanced upon an interesting piece of information...There's a sequel to one of my favourite movies of all time! (The title of this entry actually)
I remember watching this on one of my video sprees in Melbourne (Video rentals cheap...sigh...) and falling in love with the film. It was one of the most raw and touching romantic films I have ever seen, one has set the standard for the genre in my mind, and it was a rare film that brought a smile to my face. One of those smiles that you get when all is right with the world and you're overflowing with emotion...
[Sap Tap]
Anyway, the sequel is in production at the moment and they've managed to get Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy back for it. I was checking out the IMDB site for it (Production title If Not Now) and there's a little debate over what the title of the movie should be. I think that they should leave "Sunrise" out of it. Nothing cheapens a sequel like trying to flog the original title for every possible permutation. A faux pas that Chronicles of Riddick managed to avoid.
A little related note: I have officially plugged this movie in some female magazine or another, photo included ("The horror, the horror"), by saying that Julie Delpy's a babe.
Not one of my finest moments, but o well.
Anyway, back to marking.
Life is good.


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