Thursday, January 29, 2004

Popping the Cherry

So anyway, I decided recently that it's time to start blogging.
I mean, what's the use of being an opinionated English teacher with a relatively adequate vocabulary who produces absolutely nada in terms of writing?
Staying home for the past two days nursing a twisted ankle got me thinking...I spent most of the 2 days pottering around the house aimlessly and hardly anything else. Bleagh...then I figured that it was about time that I got off my butt (figuratively...I could hardly stand up without falling down) and started writing again. It's one passion that I've lost after uni that I'm trying to reclaim. That and I've got a ton of crap in my head that's threatening to overflow.
So I've decided to start a blog. Chances are that you've probably come here if you know me, otherwise you don't and just chanced upon this site. Either way I hope to make this as interesting an experience as possible.
So enjoy...


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