Sunday, June 25, 2006

End of an Era.

Wee Moh Nam died on the 24th of June 2006 at the age of 73.

There was very little that I actually remembered about the ACS experience when I was there to tell the truth. It was a blur to me as much of the past was. What did stick will stick for life. And he's one of those memories seared into my mind.

Mr. Wee was one of the old school teachers. He used to terrify us. And. I. Mean. Terrify. Homework would come in on time or there would be hell to pay. Discipline was maintained if you didn't want to see the edge of the ruler. Or a cane. But what I remember most about him was the fact that he wouldn't quit. He was dedicated and he saw the potential in his students. Well, student. Actually, me.

He pushed me hard and I actually responded. Thanks to the man, I received my one and only distinction in my 'O' levels. Aside from that, he made the school what it was for me and I'm sure it was the same for a lot of us. ACS won't be the same with his booming voice echoing down the corridor that made you freeze in your tracks. It won't be the same without his presence. And his spirit.

Rest in peace Mr. Wee. You will be missed.


Blogger rook said...

*moment of silence*

Mon Jun 26, 11:59:00 am 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he was a total arse, talked down and never helped

my take. sorry to remember him opposite of what you had

Fri Jul 29, 04:49:00 am 2016  

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