Saturday, May 06, 2006

What right?

...What right does a government have to govern when they can wave a $100 million dollar carrot to a rabbit that did not vote for them before...when they had the responsibility to give the constituency the carrot to begin with? After all, the rabbit paid for the carrot? What right do they have to withhold that?

It sounds a little like Dubya and Katrina. Louisiana didn't vote for Bush and they get screwed...

How's this for responsibility? If you get voted in, you get the whole shebang. The bad and the good, whether we voted for you or not...

Let's face it, when all's said and done, we're going to have another PAP led government. That's not necessarily a bad thing but let's hope that the margin of votes humbles them so that they start remembering what a government's job is.

They're there to serve us.


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