Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gamers who make gamers look bad.

  • Mwahahahahahahahahaha!'

  • The Griefer

    How to spot one: They are the guys who wait till you have fought the monster to death's door before dealing the killing blow - and making off with the loot. Also the ones who heal a monster while you are fighting it or leading it into your path. Griefers exist to piss you off, and they delight in your anger and misery.

    Tutorial example: Full-time nationa serviceman Nicholas Leong, 23. Thinking of creative ways to annoy people in games is his art.

    Backstabbing the only healer present at a heated battle or leading angry monsters right into the path of unsuspecting players is all in his day's work.

    Moment of glory: 'There was a dungeon with a huge boss. Normally, there's a truce between different factions, you leave them alone when they are attempting to fight it. But I snuck up and started tempting it to attack them. Over 100 players died.'

    The excuse: 'It's somewhat childish but knowing there's a living person on the other side getting angry and jumping up and down amuses me. Anyway, it's usually payback for players who piss me off.'

  • I believe that these are the people that, should I ever meet them in real life, will end up with their keyboards crammed up their asses. The problem with "griefers" is that they have the mentality of 11 year olds who really just want attention whether it's good or bad. They're the players who will deliberately sabotage a well planned raid in order to further their own agendas with hissy fits and namecalling.

    The worst part of all this is that there are mature gamers (read people over 25) who are really online for only a fraction of the time needed to play, who organise raids because 1 run is all they have, and get screwed when someone does something this malicious. Argh.

    Oy. smacks forehead.


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