Saturday, June 10, 2006

Crystal ball: Check.

So there's this new competition for Twisties tied in to the world cup.

Simple: Just answer 3 questions correctly and the first person to send in the three correct answers wins a trip to England.

Question 1: Name the two countries that will be in the finals during this year's world cup tournament.

Question 2: Predict the score during the Finals. (Full time)

Question 3: Predict the first goal scorer of the match. (Finals)

You need all 3 questions correct. The catch? The contest closes on the 30th of June. (Finals will be played on the 9th of July.)

Talk about your impossible contests. You've pretty much got the exact same chance of winning a contest that requires you to complete a rubics cube blindfolded without seeing the cube to begin with...

I mean, if you're really that stingy about giving away the prize, then don't start the contest...Unless Twisties is running an underground bookie operation. Then the contest begins making sense. :)


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