Monday, August 08, 2005

National Day.

Well...What can I say about National Day that hasn't already been said? Let's pull a quote from the Straits Times Forum letter called iPod a hit because it is born out of a big idea.

"Its success comes from an intangible source. It comes from an idea."
Subodh Deshpande

The author of the letter states that the iPod manages to hold the fort despite everything that Creative throws at it. Why? It's the idea. An idea that transcends the bureaucracy of the company itself. And then I thought about why National Day really grated my cheese...uhm...Anyway.

And that was it.

The idea has become so ingrained in the institution that you really can't divorce the one from the other. Idea: Singapore. Institution: [Comes before smear] I like the first. I detest the second. And I'm indentured to the latter.

The National Day ceremony was sad actually. It was full of songs that I actually sang while I was in school...and I realised that the songs that I sang with gusto in the past not only didn't mean anything to me anymore, but took a sinister turn when associated with the institution.

I mean, what is Singapore? Is it the country? Why then do we see the country in white instead of red and white? The fact that we can't separate the government from the MIW is quite disturbing really...and what is the country if not for it's government?

Granted, the Oligarchy has been quite good for the country. It's worked and it's worked well. It's good really. I think the main problem here is the fact that come the 27th of August (If all goes to government plan), I'll be sitting (on a Saturday afternoon) from 6am to 8pm helping to poll an election that makes absolutely no difference to life in sunny Singapore anyway. What the heck do I need to lose a Saturday for? If there was an opportunity for change, I'll be at the front of the line volunteering for duty. But as long as I'm given the illusion of a democracy, as opposed to the real thing, I'll just take my totalitarianism, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, on a lighter note:

Ms Teen USA? Can you say j-a-i-l-b-a-i-t?


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Is there anywhere else you'd rather live?

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