Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I got this e-mail on my account today. Names erased to protect the guilty:

> Dear ******
> Good afternoon. I am **** from *** Corporation who is the SPO for
> Polling District HB **. I like to check with you on the dialect that you
> speak as during the actual elections, there could be some voters who may
> require assistance using dialects other than English or Chinese. Look
> forward to hear from you. Thanks.

Hur hur. To all who don't get the joke, read my reply:

Hey ****,
Sad to say that I don't speak any dialects nor do I have a functional
command of Chinese. Sadly a product of the ACS brand of education and am
effectively monolingual.

Whereupon **** rises at least 5 notches above all textbook civil serfs and replies:

thanks for your reply, ******.
at least you excel in this very important language (English) which the
nation treasures.
Have a nice day. Thxs & Cheers.

Nice to know that the elements of subversion still run strong even in the *** corporation.

Unless of course, he means it all. If he does, that's really scary.


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