Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Elections Training.

Went for elections training today. The upside is that I actually finished the last 250 pages of Potter 6 while they were droning on about being transparent and objective.

Funniest thing that was said was by some guy from the elections department (which I was convinced had to be drunk).

"If there's a woman who's clad in a full body veil, bring her to the side, out of public view in order to satisfy yourself. Preferably bring a female colleague to help you satisfy yourself."

You have to imagine all this said slurred.

Unfortunately, I wasn't sitting anywhere near anyone I knew so I had to bottle all the snarky comments and snickering up so I decided to keep it in till I got home to blog about it.

Two thoughts:
  1. It's always easier to satisfy yourself in the presence of a female colleague.
  2. I'm not sure which is worse, unveiling a veiled muslim woman in public or satisfying yourself in front of her.
I'm pretty sure that the first is sexual harrassment and the second...well...the less said, the better. Talk about religious harmony. That was the one bright spark in my day of training. (Aside from finishing HP&THBP...Definite two thumbs up for the book)


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