Thursday, July 21, 2005

For the wages of sin are...

...2 free movie passes to catch any movie (as long as it's not a "no free list" movie, not a midnight movie, not a movie marathon and does not screen after 5pm on Saturdays). My golden (village) tickets arrived in the mail today. I have absolutely no integrity left.


I'm blogging from McDonalds! King Albert McDs to be exact. The wireless network's called Skynet. Any negative connotations that anyone can think about? Perhaps reference a movie that starred a certain Californian governer? Anyone?
Well...Sitting in the McDs listening to the chatter coming off the plasma screen TV is quite a lesson in overkill. I mean, there's only so many times you can listen to a Mcdonalds ad (ba da da da da...I'm lovin' it) before your brains dribble out of your ears or you lurch toward the counter to order a burger (would you like som fries with that?). That and the fact that in a show of patriotism, McDonalds is screening the NDP Reach Out for the Skies video every other about ad nauseam. (Hur hur, the groans may begin now...) Then again, just saw a rather cute McDonalds ad where a boy is dancing around on his feet while waiting for the bathroom door to open. The tagline's drink 8 glasses of water a day...Hur hur...funny. No. Really. Funny.

The Mandarin version of Reach Out for the Skies is considerably lacking in the Y-chromosomed singer category...Guess Sylvester wasn't free to do this.

Now to actually get some work done.



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