Monday, August 22, 2005

Interesting Pricing.

So we went down to the local NTUC tonight. (After crashing the regular Monday lecture at NUS <- Not pronounced noose) It's been a while since I stepped into an NTUC. I am what one would consider a supermarket snob actually, Cold Storage (Holland and Jelita) or better. NTUC never cut it for me because of the small aisles and the crowds. I've been spoilt by Australian supermarkets. Large aisles and quiet supermarkets without the major grocery cart bang-age. Well, minimal bang-age anyway. NTUC was always a place that reminded me of everything that was wrong with small supermarkets, especially with the walking sideways through the aisles so that I wouldn't actually knock over cans. Then there was the running of the carts into the ankles that was just part and parcel of small aisles and large turning circles.

But NTUC was nice. It was large and it was spacious and there was absolutely no bang-age today. In fact, it was a rather pleasant experience and probably the first good experience in a long while I had in a local institution. Interesting fact about NTUC today? A jar of Nutella (375g) cost $3.10 while the giant jar (750g) cost $7.50. Simple math would mean that you're paying $1.30 more for 750g of Nutella in a bigger jar instead of 2 smaller jars.

On to a gripe: The latest courts ad.

Other stores give you loans up to 2 months your monthly salary. The dude on TV states that 2 months isn't enough and Courts gives you up to 8 months your monthly salary on credit. Let's see. You basically don't have enough money to buy stuff from Courts so you borrow up to 8 months your monthly salary so you can buy a snazzy laptop, a sofa to sit on with your snazzy laptop and an iPod for your wife.
Hmmm...Perhaps it's the fact that I'm actually the son of two very frugal parents who instilled in me the sense that credit is bad but I think that borrowing 8 months worth of your salary is probably not a good thing. If you can't afford it, don't buy it...especially if you have to borrow up to 8 months your monthly salary.

(BTW, did anyone actually believe the guy's got a wife? Unless his "wife's" got a Y-chromosome?)

Aside: Seems like it's quite sad when a local horror film's trailer actually looks less scary than the trailer for "Incredible Tales".

Aside 2: Irony: Tan Kheng Hua hosting not one, but somewhere in the vicinity of 3 food shows.

The West Wing Season 3 looks so much better on DVD. Either that or season 5 really made season 3 look really good. *Shrug* Theory of relativity at work.


Blogger rook said...

if you think that's weird pricing, check out this gem from Cold Storage / NTUC / Carrefour (I can't remember which)

- 1 bottle of X brand ketchup costs $0.78
- 1 bottle of X brand chilli sauce costs $0.82
- OR you can buy the value pack (1 bottle of each sauce) at $1.65

somewhere else I recall seeing something sold at $1.65, with the option of buying two for $3.40

go figure.

Tue Aug 23, 11:20:00 am 2005  

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