Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aspiring to Greatness.

A girl that I knew (of) from church in Melbourne came to school yesterday. She's got 2 (gospel) albums out and she was the Australian National Gospel Award winner (New Gospel Artist) in 2003. It was surreal because there were these posters heralding her concerts in Singapore and here I was thinking that she looked really familiar...Then I remembered that she used to sing backup in church. The face hasn't changed, neither has her dress sense (I think) but she's on a poster...and flyers. She still speaks like an Aussie (strong accented BTW) and she's not great with the public speaking (especially to a Singaporean audience of kids who have no idea what she's saying) but she's got a great voice. And now she's touring the world...

Made me wonder about my own dreams of greatness. I guess it's hard to reach for them when you're so caught up in the bureaucracy of it all...and the procrastination too, which is something that's symptomatic of all Singaporeans. It's built into a system that grinds you down into paste, quashing creativity and ending dreams. Forcing you to leave all aspirations at the door and just allowing you to slowly expire instead.


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