Wednesday, July 20, 2005


O well.

It's the 19th of July and, according to the nice couple who were trying in vain to get Tym and Terz into the National Day mood, National Day has come early. And in the tradition of all my National Days since I returned to Singapore, let the snarking begin!

The aforementioned T's, Ondine and I were having dinner at Yum Yum Yong Tau Foo (An experience that was good [for the food] but incompetent [with the service], Ask Ondine) when we headed over to Siglap center to raid cold storage for snack foods and yoghurt drinks. (More about that in a later post)

Well, we headed up to McD's for O's signature drink (No prizes for guessing but you can try anyway...) and spent the rest of the night laughing at this year's National Day song video. It's not the song. It's not even the fact that it's Taufik looking all of 12.

It's the dance that they created for it. Reminiscent of the great Singapore workout, it is officially called, and I kid you not, Dance No. 40 (which comes with it's own instructional video). So much mocking to do, so little time/bandwidth.

Firstly: Dance no. 40? Is it a tribute to Mambo No. 5? And here we are trying to teach our kids to be more creative when all along the organisers of NDP 2005 (and yes, that is a Wikipedia link) had so much creativity under their hats that it dribbled completely out of their ears.

Secondly: Instructional video...There is NO amount of mocking on earth that could make this any funnier so those with sufficient bandwidth/speed, PLEASE download the video...I just viewed the first second of it (stupid streaming...) and I almost LMAO. (Laughed My @$$ Off for those who are unaccustomed to 1337$p34k)

Thirdly: I think there's something in the dance that involves moving your hands like a fish. Tym suggested that it was a tribute to the time when we were but a small fishing village. My theory is that it's the singers' way of sending out the message that this video stinks.

Fourthly: Taufik unfortunately, while looking at his feet toward the end of the video looks like he's checking out Rui En's butt. Tragically, upon watching the video again, it looks like he's constantly trying to keep his eyes from wavering to somewhere inappropriate.

Yes ladies and gents. It's National Day again. A time when a nation stands together to shed a proud tear for our nation's achievements and a small group of unpatriotic pundits stand by and mock the whole thing. This year's celebration has provided more than an armoury's worth of ammunition and it's time to start snarking.

Happy Hunting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they called it tt is the nation's 40th birhtday plus it is a in simple no.40

Wed Aug 10, 08:29:00 pm 2005  

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