Monday, July 11, 2005

Sin City.

After two days, I'm ready for a review.

What can I say about Sin City? In a nutshell? It was fantastic. Three stories based in Frank Miller's fictional Basin City linked by one theme: Violence against bad men. And, I kid you not, the violence comes fast and furious. And it's graphic and it's unapologetic. And in a way, cathartic. In 'Sin City there is hardly any grey, it's mainly stark, unapologetic black and white. And this is reflected in the frame by frame recreation of Miller's comic book...(and I've got to say, it's almost perfect. [At least for the Hard Goodbye]) The bad guys are just plain bad. The good guys stand in the shadows but shine with their hearts of gold. The dames are sexually charged and morally ambiguous. It's noir at it's best. And it's really good.

Mickey Rourke is perfect as Marv. Almost too perfect. It was slightly disconcerting watching a character from a Frank Miller story come to life but there he was. Alive on screen. Bruce Willis, though differing form the comic book Hartigan, played the "Old Man" well, effectively (almost) erasing the "Bruce Willis" star image off the film. Rosario Dawson played a competent Gail beside Clive Owen's interesting (Yet yawnworthy [when compared beside Rourke and Willis]) portrayal of Dwight. Benicio Del Toro was hilarious as Jack. The one actress that stood out like a sore thumb in the movie had to be Alexis "Rory" Bledel who played Becky. It's just disturbing to see Bizarro Rory as a prostitute, especially since she keeps mentioning her mom. (Hands up all who could picture Lauren Graham on the other line when Becky calls her mom)

The stories are classic Miller. There's not too much more to say about them, except that they're just that good. (The less said about Robocops 2 & 3, the better) Now that I have viewed it on the silver screen, I will be looking to get my hands on the 3 disc DVD set (Release date yet to be announced...the release in August is the barebones movie disc) which contains the full versions of all 3 stories.

My final words on the movie: Love it. Go watch it. (If you're 21 and above) It's about time that we've got a truly faithful translation of a comic book...and it's heartening to hear that there will be more. (Johnny Depp possibly in a role...Too cool) That said, it's not for everyone. After getting Ondine to sit in for this show, I'll have to watch about 2 chick flicks (of Kate and Leopold proportions) to make it up to her. As far as I'm concerned, totally worth it.


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