Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Goodbye Superman.

Christopher Reeve died on the 10th of October 2004.
To many like myself, he was Superman. I remember seeing him on the silver screen and the moment that he took flight, I truly believed that a man could fly. I was a kid then and I remember going home and demanding that I get a cape and costume and I would fly around the garden...and in my rather deluded mind, I was Christopher Reeve, the man who flew.
He was the embodiment of that god, the myth...the legend that burst out of the comic books and became flesh.
In 1995, when a riding accident left him paralysed, he made a bold statement and said that he would one day walk again...and I believed him, because he was Superman. It's funny how much grief one can feel about losing an icon but I do feel a certain loss now that the man of steel is gone. I once wrote an essay on Christopher Reeve and his star power. There was an aura that managed to transcend the disability that left him breathing on a machine and stuck in a wheelchair...I don't know. It was something.
In my little way, I paid tribute to the man today when I brought the Superman DVD in to school to mark to...and for that 2 plus hours, I once again believed that a man could fly.
Goodbye Christopher Reeve. We'll miss you.


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