Sunday, October 17, 2004

A true case for the lady.

So we're driving down the expressway today when a van cuts us off. I slam on the brakes and horn whereupon he slows down almost to a halt...(a vain attempt to make me smash into his van?) So I overtake and the driver starts yelling at me out of the window...So I retaliate with the universal salute to assholes. I guess I shouldn't have done that but hey, I'm human too.
He then proceeds to follow me off the expressway and tries to stop my car by cutting into my lane once again and jamming his brakes. I drive into the SSC in a vain attempt to avoid said confrontation when he gets out of his car and runs up the ramp and bangs on my window. He then proceeds to hurl obscenities at me full swing. I get out of the car and we talk before I realise that I'm holding up traffic and the conversation's going nowhere because he's spoiling for a fight. (He's about a head shorter than me and about 20 kgs lighter BTW) So I get back into the car and park. Following which I go have dinner and forget the ugliness that occured.
Here's the punchline: On the rear window of said van is a little car decal with the picture of Mother Mary with the words, "Have you met her?"
Way to advertise your faith dude.

On other news: The Saab ad for the 9-3 was in the papers today...the car's called the Troll. It's actually got the badge on the boot that says "Troll".
OK...last I checked, Troll = Negative connnotations.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
On the Internet, troll is a slang term used to describe:

A person who makes posts (on newsgroups or other forums) that are solely intended to incite controversy or conflict, or cause annoyance or offense.
A post that is intended to incite controversy or cause offense. (Many posts may inadvertently cause strife as collateral damage, but they are not trolls.)

But then again they're a bitch to kill in D&D games so I guess that's pretty good.
O well...I say that it ranks almost up there with Glower Trichologists.


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